A Black Hole Swallowed a Neutron Star – What Do Scientists Say?

A Black Hole Swallowed a Neutron Star – What Do Scientists Say?

Scientists are looking for cosmos that fainted in space-time, and which have spied a black hole that’s devouring a neutron star. This is happening for the very first time. Both neutron stars and black holes are remains of dead stars. Gravitational-wave observatories in the US and Italy have found 23 potentially extreme cosmic events. The ones from the 14th of August are the weirdest of them all.

Professor Susan Scott, from of the Australian National University (ANU), said that around 900 million years ago, this black hole ate a dense star, that was known as a neutron star. She also said that it probably snuffed out the star immediately.

A Black Hole Swallowed a Neutron Star

“The ANU SkyMapper Telescope responded to the detection alert and scanned the entire likely region of space where the event occurred, but we’ve not found any visual confirmation.”

Scientists are, as of now, examining the data in order to confirm the exact size of these two objects. However, the first findings show that it’s very possible that the black hole swallowed a neutron star.

Professor Scott stated that scientists hadn’t found a black hole that’s smaller than five solar masses, or a neutron star that’s bigger than about 2.5 times the mass of our Sun. Based on this, they are sure that they have found a black hole swallowing a neutron star.

Can this be anything other than a black hole?

But there is a teeny-tiny possibility that the swallowed object was a light black hole, meaning it was much lighter than any other black hole that scientists have found in the Universe.

LIGO, which stands for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory and The European Gravitational Observatory – which is called Virgo – will be used to find the black hole that simply ate the neutron star.

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