What Antioxidants The Brain Needs In Order To Function

What Antioxidants The Brain Needs In Order To Function

Antioxidants are substances contained in foods that help to maintain cell health and combat the unfavorable action of free radicals. These substances improve memory and help the brain function properly. Five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, enough whole grains and fresh foods provide the necessary antioxidants that our body needs.

We need to check our diet to make sure we have a high intake of crucial antioxidants, namely:
1. Betacarotene from oranges, yellow fruits and vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins;
2. Vitamin C found in citrus and forest fruits, in green and red peppers, as well as in green leafy vegetables;
3. Vitamin E present in nuts and seeds, whole grains and fatty fish;
4. Selenium found in nuts, eggs and whole grains;
5. Zinc found in fish, vegetables and almonds.

The intake of antioxidants can be increased by using supplements.

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