Best Natural Remedies For Toothache That Actually Ease The Pain

Best Natural Remedies For Toothache That Actually Ease The Pain

Natural remedies for toothaches save us when we don’t have access to a doctor. These simple remedies sometimes can even solve the problem all by themselves so give them a try before reaching out to antibiotics or other types of medication.

1. Cloves oil

Cloves oil is an effective remedy for tooth pain because it contains a natural anesthetic, called “eugenol.” But if used incorrectly, it can increase the pain. In order to work, add two drops of oil on a cotton disc and press it against the area that hurts.

2. Ginger and hot red pepper

Ginger and capsaicin contained in the red hot pepper reduce pain. Ginger and pepper paste is prepared by mixing equal amounts of the two ingredients and water.

Soak a cotton ball in the mixture until it absorbs enough composition. Then place the ball on the tooth without touching your gums or tongue. Keep the ball on the affected area until the pain passes.

3. Water and salt

Rinse with water and salt for 30 seconds. It cleans impurities and reduces inflammation. Mix 200 ml of water with a teaspoon of salt and boil the composition.

4. Mint tea or black tea

Rinsing your mouth with mild mint tea reduces your toothache. Also, the astringent tannins contained in black tea reduce inflammation and pain.

5. Chewing gum

For broken teeth or holes, chewing gum is an effective solution for reducing discomfort. However, this solution should be adopted for a very short period of time, possibly only during the journey to the dentist.

6. Pressure technique

This technique is simple and involves pressing your finger from one hand on the area between your thumb and the index of the other palm for two minutes. The pressure at that point helps in the secretion of endorphins.

7. Freezing

Wrap a small ice cube in plastic wrap. Then cover it with a clean cloth and apply it on the tooth for about 15 minutes to freeze the nerves.

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