4 Types Of Medical PPE You Must Have During A Pandemic

4 Types Of Medical PPE You Must Have During A Pandemic

The extent to which a pandemic can go in causing havoc is unpredictable, and we should protect ourselves in every possible way. This article aims to expose you to important protective equipment to have in the course of a pandemic like we are facing these days with the Covid-19.

Protection can never be too much, both for yourself and your relatives.

What is PPE?

PPE is an acronym that stands for personal protective equipment and is used to refer to items worn to reduce exposure to hazards that lead to serious injuries or illnesses at the workplace.

These injuries and illnesses may be a result of exposure to chemical, electrical, radiological, physical, biological, or other kinds of hazards at the workplace. PPE includes items like gloves, helmets, safety goggles, shoes, scrubs, muffs, earplugs, masks, respirators, full-body suits, and vests, depending on the context.

During a pandemic, medical PPE items are also necessary for the public and they can include, face masks, face shields, coveralls, and gloves, among other equipment.

Get fully protected with medical PPEs

The Covid-19 pandemic came and took a turn that no one saw coming.

Professionals and companies had to adopt measures to protect themselves from the virus and fight the pandemic.

One major way through which professionals and companies are fighting the pandemic is awareness. At the early stages of the pandemic, there was a high spread of awareness as to how the virus was transmitted, and precautionary measures were taken, including:

  • Washing the hands often: Everyone was advised to take handwashing seriously and stands were found in many places for people to wash and sanitize their hands.
  • Ways on how to sneeze and cough were communicated to people: People were advised not to use their hands but their bent elbows.
  • Social distancing restrictions: People were instructed to avoid crowded places as well as close contact with sick persons.
  • Refraining from touching the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting constantly touched surfaces and objects.
  • Wearing facemasks in public places at all times.

Facemasks are required for professionals and the general public

One of the most important change that has come about as a result of the pandemic is the use of face masks. You find people on masks at the supermarket, on the bus, at work, everywhere you go. CDC has recommended masks as an effective way of reducing the spread of the virus.

Masks are important for everyone in public places especially when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Many people who have the virus do not show the symptoms but can still spread it, and that is why masks are very important.

Life is getting back to normal, but masks are still very important until we have a Covid-free world.

Safety goggles to protect your eyes from infections

Surely, you are aware that covering your eyes and nose is necessary to keep you from being affected from coronaviruses like the flu or the novel SARS-COV-2, but maybe you are not aware that protecting the eyes is important. The eyes are potential gateways for infection and they must be protected. Safety goggles come in handy to protect the eyes from infection.

Safety goggles fit tightly to the eyes and are especially important for people working in high-risk areas or situations, like in hospitals or laboratory, but more and more people are wearing them to protect themselves during the pandemic.

They have proven to be pretty effective in preventing the spread of the virus and if you need protective goggles, choose a pair that fits so they can protect you adequately but it is also very important that you go for safety goggles that can accommodate prescription glasses if you use them.

Face shields offer another layer of protection, along face masks

Face shields have also become popular in these Covid-19 times and they have a part to play in protecting the face alongside the nose, eyes, and mouth which could serve as access points for the coronavirus into the body.

Face shields also reduce the probability of you touching your face. Currently, the CDC does not recommend face shields as a replacement for facemasks, they can, however, be complementary to facemasks. The agency advises health workers to wear face shields or some other form of eye protection together with face masks for those in areas where there is a moderate or substantial spread of the virus.

Digital thermometers to keep track of potential fevers

Your medicine cabinet should contain an effective thermometer, especially in this Covid-19 world. This is because one of the first symptoms of the virus is fever. If you think there is a chance that you have been exposed to the virus, keep track of your temperature as this can help prevent the spread of the virus in public and at home.

The earlier you know if you have a fever or any other symptoms of Covid-19, the earlier you can isolate yourself from others. Digital and non-contact thermometers come in handy as the best in this pandemic. Ensure you go for a thermometer that gives accurate reading and meets up with official standards.


It is clear that Covid-19 has changed our way of life. Most people never had to use PPEs before now. But since these are the items that have been shown to limit the spread of the virus, it is essential that we have them and use them so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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