Why Ethanol Is Being Used To Kill Cancerous Cells

Why Ethanol Is Being Used To Kill Cancerous Cells

Many researchers study cancer treatments in the hopes of finding an effective way to kill cancer cells and stop the disease. A new research proves that ethanol gel can be 100% effective when injected into cell tumors.

Research made by Duke University

A new study made by scientists from the prestigious Duke University has shown that ethanol-based cancer treatment has 100% cure rate for squamous cell carcinoma in a hamster. This was achieved by injecting the ethanol-gel directly into the tumor. The study was published in Nature Scientific Reports journal.

The researchers were inspired by an already existing therapy under the name of ethanol ablation.

What is Ethanol?

It is a type of alcohol used to make cocktails. It is effective in killing tumors because it destroys proteins and dehydrated the cells (ethanol ablation). The ethanol ablation treatment is already used to treat liver cancer with a cost of less than 5$ per treatment.

The purpose of the present research was to improve the technique and better its limitations. Ethanol was mixed with ethyl cellulose and a new solution. This new gel transforms inside tumors and stains next to the injection site. The tests were performed on hamsters suffering from oral cell carcinoma. After 7 days, 6 out of 7 hamsters were cured and by the 8th day all 7 has regressed tumors.

Cancer affordable treatments for the general public

This discovery is huge as existing cancer treatments are very costly and some not even covered by insurance policies. This new treatment could make an effective cancer treatment also affordable to everyone.

However, the present research has a small sample and only one animal model. This means that further research needs to be done in order to also make advances and start human trials.

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