We Can’t Neglect This Major Sign Indicating That Alzheimer’s Could Start Installing

We Can’t Neglect This Major Sign Indicating That Alzheimer’s Could Start Installing

Alzheimer’s can bring down a person to the level of a one-year-old child. It’s known as the most common form of dementia, and although it’s found more in elderly people, it can start installing in a person even during the 30’s.

But what are the main signs that Alzheimer’s is starting to kick in? Surely everybody forgets things or isn’t concentrating enough sometimes, and that doesn’t automatically mean that they should start worrying about Alzheimer’s disease.

Beware of those memory problems!

EatThis,NotThat! Speaks about a new model of how Alzheimer’s disease progresses, invoking new research from the MIT/Koch Institute and the ASU-Banner Neurodegenerative Research Center (NDRC).

Once again, everybody forgets things due to not paying enough attention or not caring too much. But when you forget recent or important events, or even places and names, that’s clearly a red flag! It’s a major sign that Alzheimer’s could start installing in the brain.

Forest White of the Department of Biological Engineering of the MIT, declared as quoted by EatThis,NotThat!:

Our results show that there are a plethora of cellular signaling pathways that are activated at all stages of disease. We may be able to repurpose available therapies to target protein kinases that regulate these cell signaling events,

Clinicians today are studying therapeutic effects on amyloid and tau as proxies for disease, but our results suggest that glia cells are involved at every step of the process. Improved understanding of glia cells and their roles in progressive neurodegeneration may provide new opportunities for treatment of this disease.

What triggers Alzheimer’s disease in the human brain has been a mystery for a long time. But recent research seems pretty reliable, claiming that the leakage of fat-carrying particles in the brain is the culprit, as it transports toxic proteins.

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