How To Reduce The Risk Of Stomach Cancer

How To Reduce The Risk Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is a malignant tumor that affects different tissues of the stomach. It is present, most often in the form of adenocarcinoma. In the early stages, there are no specific symptoms, so patients go to a doctor when the disease is already advanced.

Stomach cancer ranks fourth in the world’s most common cancers and is particularly prevalent in poor and developing countries.

There are two causes that are linked to this type of cancer:

– infection with the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers, Helicobacter pylori;
– salt preservation of meat and fish. Salt that contains nitrates is converted to carcinogenic organic derivatives. Because, most of the time, stomach cancer has no specific symptoms (just digestive disturbances or pains similar to those of the ulcer) patients get to a doctor when it’s already too late.

But we can make some changes in our diet to reduce the risk of getting sick. Thus, we can begin by eating 2 cups and a half of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Without eating refined grains and very salty foods. Citrus can also provide excellent protection against stomach cancer.

Good quality proteins are found in fresh fish, chicken and beans. The recommendation is to choose fiber-rich cereals when it comes to the type of bread, pasta, rice. At the same time, unhealthy choices such as white bread, generally refined cereals and processed meat, must be removed.

Choosing the right foods can help us make another important step, namely weight loss. Cancer specialists believe that another way to reduce the risk is to get rid of extra pounds. So, try 150 minutes of exercise per week! And another important thing: quit smoking.

Symptoms of cancer

Persistent indigestion and abdominal discomfort, burning sensations, hemorrhage, gastric perforation, repeated phlebitis, prolonged fever, significant and unrelated weight loss, iron-deficiency anemia.

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