How To Cope With COVID Anxiety In The Cold Season?

How To Cope With COVID Anxiety In The Cold Season?

Anxiety is a feeling of impending fear or pain that often happens when we’re faced with something new or different. The pandemic has been a huge source of anxiety, and as the cold season approaches, there is the increased threat of another three months of outbreaks and lockdowns. Here are some tips that will keep you prepared to deal with the anxiety of the tough times.

Acknowledge your anxiety

There are a few steps you can take to manage your anxiety. The first is recognizing that it’s there. When we feel anxious, it’s natural for us to want to avoid the situation that causes us anxiety. That’s why reframing can be so useful—it can help reduce your level of anxiety while saving you in the process. Anxiety is both an empowering force that can help us rise above our immediate concerns and a paralyzing vice that can keep us from achieving our dreams, it is up to us to perceive it as a positive stimulus.

Get active

The ability to move is connected to our ability to manage stress. In general, we find it easier to manage stress when we are engaged in activities that relieve our physical discomfort. Exercise is one of the best ways to beat anxiety.  Exercising releases endorphins which give us a buzzing feeling. Exercise also increases parasympathetic nervous system activity which reduces stress and anxiety.  Getting out of your chair and moving around is the answer to curing all worries, but it can help reduce the symptoms of being anxious when they arise.

Take deep breaths

There is a simple way, if you find yourself in stressful situations. Try breathing deeply and steadily for six minutes each time you feel anxious or frustrated. You may find that it helps, even if just for a moment. Awareness breathing will help restore balance in the brain stem which will allow you to function more effectively.

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