COVID Vaccination is Required for Indoor Diners From Some Counties of Washington

COVID Vaccination is Required for Indoor Diners From Some Counties of Washington

The efforts that the authorities are making to convince the countries’ populations to get vaccinated for COVID are becoming overwhelming. A lot of people don’t like the situation, but nobody seems to care about them. Officials believe that the majority of people getting vaccinated represents the best way to stop the pandemic once and for all. But is it true? We’re not here to root for any of the two sides.

Diners from the Washington counties Jefferson and Clallam are being required to provide proof of getting vaccinated for the coronavirus, as a new public health order of Dr. Allison Berry reveals. Mr. Berry is the health officer for the Jefferson and Clallam counties. The demand takes effect on September 4.

There’s a high-risk of COVID transmission in restaurants

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Dr. Berry explained the decision as follows:

Indoor bars and restaurants are known to pose a high risk for COVID-19 transmission, as they encourage unmasking of large groups of people indoors,

Our goal is to make these safer places to be and to reduce transmission in our communities, allowing our hospitals to keep functioning and our schools to open more safely this fall.

However, children below the age of 12 years old don’t qualify for the new demand regarding vaccination proof. The little ones can access the restaurants without being vaccinated, and so can the employees of the restaurants who wear masks continuously.

According to Our World in Data, about 40.2% of the planet’s population has been vaccinated with at least one dose of a vaccine for COVID. The low-income countries are the places where people have very little access to vaccinations: the same source says that only 1.8% of residents of these places have been vaccinated for COVID with at least the first dose.

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