Bill Gates Unleashes Dark Prediction For The Post-Coronavirus World

Bill Gates Unleashes Dark Prediction For The Post-Coronavirus World

UPDATE: Bill Gates just revealed some of his darkest fears about the coronavirus vaccine during the STAT Summit.

Also, Gates unveils news about the coronavirus vaccine safety. 


Headlines are filled with coronavirus and Covid-19-related news these days, and all that we can do is try our best and protect ourselves while waiting for more viable treatments and for the best vaccines.

Not too long ago, new details about coronavirus invading men’s testicles started freaking out people.

There have been released all kinds of details about blocking the spread of the virus, and also, a brand new study is currently suggesting that one potential treatment for the virus could be found right across the street, at the local pharmacy – this is the common sleep aid melatonin.

Also, this discovery could lead to a lower death rate among patients with Covid-19. 

Amidst everything going on these days, Bill Gates comes into the picture and makes a gloomy prediction about the future, about the post-coronavirus world, according to reports coming from CNBC. 

Dark predictions about a post-coronavirus world 

He said that the virus would definitely and fundamentally change the way people travel for and conduct business, even after the pandemic will be over.

“My prediction would be that over 50% of business travel and over 30% of days in the office will go away,” he told Andrew Ross Sorkin during the New York Times’ Dealbook conference.

More than that, it was also revealed that Gates predicted that there will be a “very high threshold” for conducting business trips now that working from home is more feasible.

He also highlighted the fact that some companies may be more extreme with their massive efforts to reduce in-person meetings. 

CNBC, the publication that debated the issue also dropped another important quote:

“We believe that as we return to the skies, the travel routes we’ve had … will resume at the level they had been before,” according to Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Microsoft’s worldwide commercial business.

Anyway, it’s always important to remember the bright side od an issue –  on the bright side of things, regarding a vaccine, we’re almost at the finish line, according to the latest reports.

Also, make sure to check out some of the latest shocking news about terrible coronavirus solutions and approaches. 

10 thoughts on “Bill Gates Unleashes Dark Prediction For The Post-Coronavirus World

  1. Bill Gates doesn’t have a prediction he already knows what’s going on and what the final outcome is gonna be because he was part of the planning all this , him and 5 other people, when they invited President Trump to the meeting he told them no he was not participating and then 3 days later Bill Gates and his cult unleashed the virus. Everybody should go to YouTube and look up “THE GREAT RESET “ Dovos and ending Trump “ watch that video and if you think that’s fake then you might aswell turn in your guns now and lay down and lick your sack cause your done

  2. no its the local doctors chinese people that study the cronavirus putting piosion gas rite through our gas lines killing us everyday they live rite on the poor sides of the towns cities and states the all work for dcfs.. and the catholic churches!!! killing families and taking babies for money!!! inheritance!!!

  3. I am concerned about who will get the vaccines first. And do you have a choice which one you will receive.I live in an assited living home if the provider’s get it shouldn’t the client’s get it also.

  4. I don’t want anything to do with the vaccine especially after reading about World Economic Summit at Davos. Trump was only leader who said he was going to put his country first. That is why outside forces rigged election and dumped more of the virus here than in any other country. Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schuab who founded the World Economic Forum, the president of China, Prince Charles Joe Biden are all in league with this together. What do they all have in common? All are evil, have a lot of money, think they are god, and want to decrease world population, they all have dictator mentalities, are willing to FORCE this vaccine on everyone even though it hasn’t been tested long enough or broadly enough to satisfy any scientific standard. If people don’t take it, they have said they will “deal with us”. That’s why they have already prepared detention centers…concentration camp style. If melatonin supposedly prevents it, why haven’t they decreed that everyone take big doses of melatonin? But no…that would undermine their plan to chip everyone. Same with mouthwash that supposedly stops it. I believe melatonin does stop it…I am in a ” high risk” category by age, underlying conditions,etc. I was with a family of friends who all got Covid and I did not. Their plan also involves Biden who is willing to raise taxes to break Americans and to send money around world to “EQUALIZE” everyone around the world. To force socialism on everyone except themselves. The leaders at the summit will remain wealthy. And Greta Thunberg was there. What does she know about the price of oats or world economy. We NEED TRUMP BACK FROM THE STOLEN ELECTION. News said Pakistan meddled in Nevada’s election. Who else in AZ and MN and GA, etc. If you have the common sense of a gnat you know Biden did not win popular election. In Arizona they are canvassing door to door confirming votes. They have found dead people voted, people voted in another state where they moved and yet someone voted for them in AZ. 30 to 50% of votes have been fraud. Also plan is to take property. People have already been going to title companies and signing on other people’s deeds and when owner of property tries to set things right they are told nothing can be done about it. So someone has to be exerting outside control. Of course something should be ABLE to be done about it
    But don’t worry, they will have nice small look-alike apartment nighties for people who manage not to die from the virus or detention centers.
    And I agree…I am not going to take a MARK OF THE BEAST VACCINE EITHER.


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