Breakthrough Covid-19 Discovery Brings Hope For Lower Death Rate

Breakthrough Covid-19 Discovery Brings Hope For Lower Death Rate

We’re struggling with each and every passing day to remain strong and hopeful that our lives could get back to normal one day. This can only happen if we manage to remain safe until herd immunization or a viable vaccine is out in order to stop the spreading of the terrible coronavirus that managed to change the world as we know it and throw everyone in the dark. 

Freedom is questioned these days, and fear and uncertainty are the new rulers of life. 

But, thankfully good news continues to pop up and give people more hope.

It’s been revealed that there’s a pair of new studies on Covid-19 patients that have found out that the novel coronavirus is deadlier for some patients compared to others. The reason involves a previously unknown antibody. 

Helping scientists treat high-risk patients 

These finding could eventually help scientists and doctors find out who are the high-risk patients and develop therapies that could save lives.

Experts found that about 10% of the 1,000 Covid-19 patients who developed life-threatening pneumonia had antibodies that are suppressing some key immune system proteins that are called interferons. 

These were less present in people who had low to zero symptoms. 

When infected by the coronavirus, “your body should have alarms ringing everywhere,” Qian Zhang, a lead author of the study, told Kaiser Health News as reported by the Observer.

He continued and explained that “If you don’t get the alarm out, you could have viruses everywhere in large numbers.”

According to the notes, “About 12.5 percent of men who had developed COVID pneumonia had autoantibodies against interferons. Only 2.6 percent of women had the same autoantibodies.”

Check out the original article in order to learn all the available details.

Elon Musk on the corona tests 

It’s been revealed that Elon Musk surprised his Twitter followers with a few tweets about the novel coronavirus. He found himself in the middle of a massive controversy about tests. 


Other than this, new details about coronavirus invading men’s testicles are freaking out people.

But, on the bright side of things, regarding a vaccine, we’re almost at the finish line, according to the latest reports.

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