New Potential Covid-19 Treatment Revealed – Melatonin Can Help

New Potential Covid-19 Treatment Revealed – Melatonin Can Help

While the world is expecting the first coronavirus vaccine, which should be here by the end of this year, experts are also looking into all kind of potential treatments for the severe symptomatology of the Covid-19 disease. 

While there are all kinds of studies undergoing these days for various viable treatments, a new one just popped up. And it doesn’t involve any fancy medication – it simply involves melatonin.

There’s a brand new study that is currently suggesting that one potential treatment for the virus could be found right across the street, at the local pharmacy – this is the common sleep aid melatonin.

Melatonin can help

VeryWellHealth notes that the study has been published in the journal PLOS Biology and it analyzed patient data from Cleveland Clinic’s COVID-19 registry.

“The researchers discovered that melatonin usage was linked to a nearly 30% reduced likelihood of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, after scientists adjusted for age, race, smoking history, and comorbidities,” according to the notes in the publication mentioned above.

It’s been also revealed that the numbers were even higher among people in certain groups: “African-Americans had a 52% reduced likelihood of testing positive, while people with diabetes had a 48% lower risk.”

We suggest that you check out the complete original article in order to learn all the available data. 

Coronavirus in the news

There are all kinds of new findings revealed each and every day about the novel coronavirus and the effects of the disease Covid-19.

Not too long ago, new details about coronavirus invading men’s testicles started freaking out people.

But, on the bright side of things, regarding a vaccine, we’re almost at the finish line, according to the latest reports.

Also, a breakthrough discovery could lead to a lower death rate among patients with Covid-19. Stay tuned for more news. 

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