5 Signs Of Breast Cancer That You Need To Know About

5 Signs Of Breast Cancer That You Need To Know About

In the US, there are estimated more than 1.7 million new cancer cases and more than 600,000 cancer deaths for 2018. One of the most common forms of cancer in women is breast cancer, therefore you should know the most common 5 signs of breast cancer.

Common breast cancer risk factors

  • Age – The risk of developing breast cancer is higher in women of over 50 years of age.
  • Family history – The genes that can trigger the breast cancer occurrence, BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, are genetically transmitted.
  • Thicker mammary tissues – Women who present thicker mammary tissues are prone to breast cancer development.

The Most Common 5 Signs Of Breast Cancer

1. Appearance of nodules and breast shape modifications
Sudden breast shape changes are a reason to worry as they could be a sign of breast cancer.

Commonly, these breast shape changes are due to the appearance of nodules (tumors) inside the breast tissues. These tumors are not always malign but could be a sign of breast cancer.

2. Breast size is changing
Breast size is normal to change when growing up from a teenager to a young woman, during pregnancy, when breastfeeding, and when you get fatter or lose weight.

Any breast size modification without a reason could be a sign of breast cancer.

3. Skin texture starts to change
The skin of breasts is very thin and it is usually the softest skin on a woman’s body.

If the breasts skin starts changing in a negative way and becomes dry, patchy, coarse, or rough, then you should worry because this is another common sign of breast cancer.

4. Nipples start to leak
Nipples discharge is another common sign that something is not right. Usually, leakage from nipples is not normal, except when pregnant or breastfeeding, therefore when your nipples are discharging with no obvious reason you should go to see a doctor.

Nipples discharge due to breast cancer comes in the form of mucous leakage or bloody discharge.

5. Weight loss
Massive weight loss is a common symptom of all forms of cancer.

When linked to any other sign from the list above, sudden weight loss may be one of the most common signs of breast cancer.

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