Flu Season This Year Might Be Harsher Than We Expect

Flu Season This Year Might Be Harsher Than We Expect

The flu this year might be tough after a mild influenza season the year before. Flu was historically low in the United States the year before, mainly because of the disguising of the epidemic and social distancing regulations. However, this implies a lot of individuals did not have the chance and were not subjected to flu the previous season. Simultaneously some pandemic limitations have been lifted or eliminated, but COVID-19 is still in circulation.

“There is concern this will be an especially bad flu season due to loosening of mitigations, the fact that many of us were not exposed last year due to COVID mitigations and because influenza will be circulating simultaneously with COVID. So individuals could potentially get both at the same time, which could lead to more severe illness and more deaths,” explained Dr. Jacqueline Korpics, from the Cook County Department of Public Health

The Coronavirus shot, and the influenza vaccine can be taken on the same day. Experts urge you to be safe and protect people who are particularly susceptible to the flu and COVID-19 around you. Don’t be encouraged to endure a preventable disease for yourself or others around you. Korpics also added that both vaccinations are effective.


While kids under the age of 12 are not yet able to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination, most may become immune to flu, and medical specialists believe that it is vital to protect children from all possible viruses to limit probable diseases during the pandemic. And regarding those above the age of 12, it is crucial to protect themselves against both COVID-19 and the flu to be vaccinated to minimize both diseases. In order to avoid overloading hospitals, flu vaccinations are particularly crucial this autumn.On average, the rate of the flu vaccine is not as high as it should be. Less than half of Americans normally get influenza shots every year.

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