COVID Vaccines May Be Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers’

COVID Vaccines May Be Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers’

It has been revealed by medical experts that covid vaccines could be triggering turbo cancers. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Here’s the relevant tweet about the matter:

There has been a troubling increase in cancer cases in individuals under 50 that seem to be biologically different from cancers that typically occur later in life. Some experts attribute this rise to factors like sugary drinks, lifestyle, and sleep disturbances, while others believe that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines may be responsible for the emergence of what they call “turbo cancers.”

Turbo cancers in the news

However, there is no official medical definition for this term. It is often used to describe aggressive, fast-acting cancers that are resistant to treatment and commonly occur in young, healthy people after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. These cases usually present in advanced stages with the cancer has spread and can quickly become fatal. Despite the growing number of cases, regulatory agencies in the US have yet to address this issue.

“What’s happening is these cancers we’re used to seeing, their growth patterns and their behavior are completely out of character … So ‘turbo cancer’ is something that wasn’t there and, all of a sudden, it’s everywhere,” Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist and CEO of Cole Diagnostics, said in an interview on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.”

Dr. Cole told The Epoch Times in a later interview that he first noticed an uptick in certain types of cancers after the vaccine rollout in December 2020 and believes researchers are starting to understand how these cancers are occurring.

In their daily practice, physicians are encountering various types of cancers, even among young patients who are not typically associated with cancer. This increase in cancer cases cannot be attributed to missed screenings, as young people are not usually subjected to screening tests, according to Dr. Cole.

Doctors and clinicians worldwide have confirmed that cancer rates are on the rise, surpassing expected levels. Many patients who have been cancer-free for years have experienced cancer reappearances after a booster. These “turbo cancers” are unique in that they do not respond to traditional treatments due to cells being altered in the bone marrow and not functioning properly. The study of various cancers following mRNA vaccination is providing valuable insight into potential mechanisms that may be causing these cancers to proliferate. A Belgian study recently published in Frontiers Oncology presented the first case of malignant lymphoma in mice following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, which is a rare adverse event.

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