Speed Keto Diet Details and Benefits

Speed Keto Diet Details and Benefits

The keto diet has been praised for a while now, and more people got into the eating style that is so restrictive yet so helpful. So, if you know something about the keto diet, it will be easier to understand the speed keto one. Practically, speed keto is a mix of the popular keto diet and IF (intermittent fasting), which includes variations between eating and periods of fasting.

About Speed Keto Diet

One of the most loved methods of IF is the 16:8 technique, in which you starve for 16 hours and then eat during the following period of 8-hour. So, speed keto means having only one meal/day, which also has to match the keto guidelines of being low-carb and high-fat. Such an aim of eating fewer carbs is to get your body into a ketosis status. Your body will initiate a burn fat action rather than carbohydrate stores for more fuel, which will make you lose weight.

Speed keto had been developed by Harlan Kilstein, as a digital program. As it implies, speed keto is made to ease the dieting process and support people to get past weight-loss steps.

Speed Keto Helps You Lose Weight

Hillary Cecere, a dietitian from Eat Clean Bro, explained: “Any time food is restricted, and a calorie deficit occurs, so will weight loss, and when your eating window is smaller, you are more likely to consume fewer calories.” However, she doesn’t fully support the diet, considering it an unhealthy way of eating, and believes once we stopped the method, weight gain will happen again.

To keep the weight loss, the diet we choose to use must be something that we can follow for a long time. So, if eating keto-style doesn’t suit you, you don’t have to try it at all. “[…] there are plenty of other healthy, sustainable ways to lose weight if that’s something you’re interested in,” added Cecero.

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