Coffee Consumption Helps You In Your Weight Loss Journey, As Per New Research

Coffee Consumption Helps You In Your Weight Loss Journey, As Per New Research

Discovery regarding coffee consumption could have a lot of implications in the eternal battle against obesity and diabetes by activating the body’s fight against fat.

The new study led by a team of researchers from the University of Nottingham, who say that the coffee can help to stimulate the brown fat reserves (the brown adipose tissue) that is the primary factor of burning calories, and helps you in your weight loss journey.

Our metabolism has two forms of fat cells – the brown cells and the white cells, and they have a different role in the body. The brown cells have the purpose of generating heat, and the white cells have the function to store the fat or the energy that is ready to release when needed.

We know that the brown cells have a high level of children, but at the adults, the brown cells could restore hope for treating obesity.

Coffee consumption might help you in your weight loss journey

The brown fat cells are working differently besides the other fat cells. The brow cells are producing heat by burning sugar and fat, and this is happening as a response to cold. The study is directed by Michael Symonds, who works as a professor at the School of Medicine from the University of Nottingham.

Besides this, the study is testing coffee on stem cells for seeing a reaction or stimulation on the brown fat cells.

After the right has been discovered, the next thing to do was to see if it works on humans too. So by using a thermal imaging technique, four men and five women were tested to trace the brown fat reserves. What it’s interesting is the fact that the brown fat is right in the neck region, so with the imaging technique, they can see if the brown fat got hotter after a drink.

Finally, the study was at a low scale, and they need to continue it for seeing what is precise with coffee that burns fat. They think that the caffeine is responsible for the stimulus, and another component is helping the activation of brown fat, which helps you in your weight loss journey.

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