Tricks Every Woman Should Know on How to Control Your Period

Tricks Every Woman Should Know on How to Control Your Period

Every woman knows that periods are a fact of life and are something that have to be incorporated into everyday life. From carrying emergency sanitary products in the inside pocket of every handbag to having painkillers on hand to deal with cramps, women around the globe have become adept at living with one of nature’s most inconvenient necessities. However, no woman needs to be at the complete mercy of her menstrual cycle all of the time.

There are ways to control the timing and duration of periods so that they fit more seamlessly around the busy lives that women live today. Whether it is a bikini wearing beach holiday, a swimming gala or a hot date that leads to the cursing of nature’s timing, there are solutions on offer that can liberate women from their periods and allow them to enjoy life to its fullest and on a schedule that suits them. Here we look at ways to take back control of periods through delaying them before they start and making them shorter, lighter and less painful once they have started.

Delaying Periods


By far the simplest and most effective way to delay a period is by taking a medication called norethisterone. Prescribed in pill form, norethisterone is simply taken three to four days before the expected start date of the period that is to be delayed and is easy to get hold of in a hurry from pharmacys and online with sites like Express Pharmacy. Norethisterone is a synthetic hormone that copies the effect of progesterone in the body. It is typically taken in the form of a small tablet and is taken three times daily and for upto 17 days. Once the period has been delayed and there is a desire to return to the normal menstrual cycle, the pill is simply stopped and the period returns. It is important to note that norethisterone is not a contraceptive and does not offer protection against pregnancy. It is a straightforward and uncomplicated way to control the whims of Mother Nature and ensure that women are in control of their lives and bodies.

Hormonal Birth Control Pill

If oral contraceptive pills are taken in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, then simply taking two packets of pills back-to-back will delay the next scheduled period. The way in which this is done depends on the type of contraceptive pill in question. Where monophasic 21 day pills are used, the seven day break that is usually taken between two packets of pills is missed and the new packet starts as soon as the first packet is completed. With pills that are taken everyday, the seven ‘dummy pills’ at the end of the packet are missed and the active pills in the next packet are taken straight after the last active pill from the previous packet has been taken. When it comes to phasic 21 day pills, help is needed from a pharmacist in order to ensure that the pills are taken in the correct order.

Shortening and Lightening Periods

Once a period has started there are ways to control its length, intensity and associated pain.

Herbal Solutions

There are several clinically-proven herbal remedies that can be used to control the often painful and long menstrual cycle. Raspberry leaf contains muscle-relaxing properties and can reduce the cramping associated with periods as it relaxes uterine contractions. Steeping some raspberry leaves in hot water makes a comforting and pain-relieving tea that many women come to rely upon during heavy periods. A cup of ginger tea can help to alleviate heavy bleeding and fennel’s analgesic properties have proven it to have properties that reduce the symptoms of PMS and decrease the length and blood flow of periods. Although unproven, it is also claimed that lemon juice can be effective in lightening periods.

Regular Exercise

Research has shown that women who engage in regular exercise see a positive impact on the length of their periods. There is also evidence to suggest that exercising is a good way to control the pain and discomfort associated with periods as during exercise the body releases endorphins, and these act as natural pain killers. Additionally, engaging in stretching and strengthening exercises such as yoga helps to stretch the muscles in the back and abdomen and this helps to bring comfort and ease during menstruation.

Sex and Masturbation

Orgasms cause the muscles in the uterus to contract and this can help not only to relieve the pain caused by menstruation, but could also help to encourage the flow of blood out of the uterus more quickly. Although sex may be the last thing on a woman’s mind during a heavy and painful period, masturbation can also offer relief in the same way.

Avoid Using Tampons

Tampons can slow the flow of blood out of the body and therefore lengthen the duration of the period. Using a sanitary pad rather than a tampon could have a positive effect on shortening the duration of the period.

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