Study: Artificial Sweeteners Don’t Help You Lose Weight

Study: Artificial Sweeteners Don’t Help You Lose Weight

The theory behind artificial sweeteners is simple: if you use them instead of sugar, you can enjoy the sweet taste without consuming too much calories and getting fat.

But in practice, things are not that simple, as demonstrated by an analysis of scientific studies on sweeteners.

After analyzing 37 scientific studies, researchers have come to the conclusion that there is no solid evidence that sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose help people to lose weight, according to Data analysis has also shown that people who consume artificial sweeteners are prone to health problems, although those studies do not show whether these problems are caused by sweeteners.

The analysis evaluated 37 studies conducted over time. Seven of these were randomized trials involving about one thousand people, and the rest were observer studies that tracked the health and eating habits of 406,000 people over time.

Most of the participants in the randomized trials were in a loosening program, and the overall results showed that there was no significant effect of sweeteners on the body mass index. In fact, observational studies indicated a slight increase in the body mass index for those who consumed artificial sweeteners, but also a 14% increase in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes for those who consumed a larger amount of comparative sweeteners with those who consume a small amount.
Also, there was a 32% higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems in people who often consume sweeteners.

Nutritionist Sylvetsky Meni claims that there is no danger if a dietary drink is consumed from time to time, but it is dangerous for artificial sweeteners to be promoted as healthy alternatives to weight loss and better health. The specialist also says that it is preferable to generally reduce the desire to eat food or drink instead of choosing artificially sweetened products.

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