The Best Easy To Do Hairstyles For Special Occasions

The Best Easy To Do Hairstyles For Special Occasions

There are many alternatives when it comes to long hair. Some of your basic choices are light hairstyles, simply arranged with the brush, but when you have to attend an important event, you’d better up your game if you want to impress everyone.

You could pick hairstyles that are suitable for events and parties as well as volume hairstyles to eliminate one of the most common problems of long and fine hair.

Here are some of the most beautiful hairstyles!

For Elegant Parties

Updos are some of the best hairstyles for long hair, as they give a special charm regardless of the shape of the face. More and more celebrities appeal to this versatile hairstyle on the red carpet, which is why you could certainly choose it for an important event, special occasions or parties.



Chignons are a perfect option suitable for many styles of modern dresses. Given that they are discreetly caught at the base of the neck, you will have an elegant hairstyle regardless the event you’re attending.


Light Buns

Buns are suitable for both daytime and evening events by being one of the most simple and most impressive hairstyles. Following the tips of the many tutorials that teach you how to make chignon buns, you can choose the braided option.


Retro hairstyles

The popular retro styles are timeless. If you want to show your fun personality you could try a 20’s inspired updo. But keep in mind that retro hairstyles are not for everybody!


Long hair wraps and braids

The braided hairstyles are very fashionable, their advantage being that they can be adapted to almost any type of event or occasion and can be easily matched with almost any type of outfit. By weaving your hair you can have sophisticated hairstyles and you can differentiate yourself from other guests.



Glamorous curls give volume and are perfect for long hair. They go fine with any outfit and despite the super-textured and refined look, they are quite simple to do with a little patience.

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