How To Color Your Hair With Natural Ingredients Such As Henna

How To Color Your Hair With Natural Ingredients Such As Henna

Women who want a change or just experiment with a new look, choose to dye their hair. But when you decide to do so, you also need to change your hair care routine. Why? Because when you die your hair, it degrades more easily and loses its natural shine. Nowadays, there are a lot of brands that promise perfect hair shine and even volume. But back in the day, this process was made more naturally with the Henna plant.

Hair coloring with Henna was a process used in countries like Egypt. Henna not only stains the hair as it is also used as an effective treatment for scalp eczema. In some countries, like Tunisia, Henna was used to paint the body. But in the time of beautiful Cleopatra, even men opted for Henna to color their beards.

If you’re tempted to try it you should know that it is more difficult to decide on the shade because the color you will finally get depends on the natural pigments of your hair. You can get a beautiful blonde or even an intense black.

The Henna hair dye is obtained from the Henna leaves that are macerated and which are beneficial to the hair. It will enhance your hair’s natural color and will make it shiny and glossy. It lasts for 1 month and is not harmful to the hair. It is also ideal for pregnant women.

There are various types of Henna, such as Henna dye (you can choose shades of red, black, brown and blonde) and Henna treatments. All these types of Henna are beneficial to your hair and are also ideal for greasy hair. For those who have very dry hair, you could try to combine it with olive oil. If you opt for the treatment, you should know that it will not stain your hair and will only help to regenerate it.

Required Ingredients
– 5 teaspoons of Natural Henna powder (it depends on how long your hair is);
– 1 egg (or 2 if you have long hair);
– 1 cup of hot water;
– lemon juice.

How To Do It

Prepare the henna mixture the night before. Wash your hair, comb it and start applying it starting from the roots. Use gloves and put newspapers or towels on the floor because it stains pretty badly. Do not hurry and make sure that you cover all of your hair. If you stain your skin, use lemon juice to clean it. You should stay 2 hours with the mixture on your hair. After that, wash it with shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

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