Strong Earthquake Jolts a Big City of Mexico – Rock Slides and One Death Occur

Strong Earthquake Jolts a Big City of Mexico – Rock Slides and One Death Occur

Magnitude 7 earthquakes are strong enough to cause some serious damage, and such a jolt recently hit the coastal resort city of Acapulco from Mexico. The quake was also felt in the capital Mexico City.

The terrible news was brought by At least one person died as a result of the earthquake, according to Guerrero state Gov. Hector Astudillo while he was speaking for the Milenio Television.

Rock slides near Acapulco

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed that there were rock slides near the city of Acapulco. He also said that the damage looks limited.

The US Geological Survey appreciated that the earthquake reached a preliminary magnitude of 7.0. The jolt also had a depth of about 20 kilometers. Furthermore, 92 aftershocks were felt in the following hours of the hit of the initial quake.

Sergio Flores, who is an Acapulco resident, declared for the Associated Press as quoted by The Guardian:

We heard loud noise from the building, noise from the windows, things fell inside the house, the power went out,

We heard leaking water, the water went out of the pool and you heard people screaming, very nervous people.

Unfortunately, earthquakes occur pretty often around the world, and we should always be prepared for such events. There’s no sure way of knowing exactly when and where they will strike. For instance, last month, another powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.2 hit Haiti, killing over 2,200 people.

There’s no fooling around when it comes to nature’s wrath. Protecting ourselves and those around us as much as we can in case of an earthquake occurs must be a top priority. These naturally occurring phenomenons happen when tectonic plates get stuck but keep trying to engage in motion.

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