Two-Headed Deer Discovered In Minnesota Astonished The Scientists

Two-Headed Deer Discovered In Minnesota Astonished The Scientists

In Minnesota, a local has found a two-headed deer that astonished the local science community. The specimen has been stillborn, apparently, and was described as “amazing” and “extremely rare” by the scientists.

While walking in the woods searching for mushrooms, a local has bumped into a mysterious creature that looked like a deer fawn with two heads. Seeing such a weird appearance, the man thought there might be something interesting behind this discovery and delivered the two-headed deer fawn to the Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources.

At the Department, Dr. Gino D’Angelo was the first to see the strange-looking fawn. As he admitted later, D’Angelo has been completely fascinated by the creature. He put it in ice to preserve it for a more thorough examination he planned to handle with his colleagues.

“It’s amazing and extremely rare. We can’t even estimate the rarity of this. Of the tens of millions of fawns born annually in the US, there are probably abnormalities happening in the wild we don’t even know about,” said Gino D’Angelo.

Scientists examined the strange two-headed deer and concluded the creature would’ve never been capable of living

According to the researchers, what makes this specimen unique is that it is the first case when a two-headed fawn has been carried to the term and delivered. Of course, the fawn has been stillborn.

Researchers conducted CT and MRI scans to better understand the fawn’s situation.

During the dissection, the scientists noticed a single liver but two splines and two different digestive systems. Also, the creature had two hearts but which were surrounded by a single pericardial sac.

Besides, the fawn’s lungs were clean as if the creature would’ve never breathed air, this being the fact which let researchers conclude the creature has been stillborn.

“Their anatomy indicates the fawns would never have been viable,” explained Dr. D’Angelo.

The two-headed deer found in Minnesota is an extremely rare specimen not only among its species but also among other species. The researcher discovered that there were only 19 other similar conjoined twins cases recorded in animal world since 1617.

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