Mysterious “Jellyfish UFO” Leaves Russians Speechless – Watch Video

Mysterious “Jellyfish UFO” Leaves Russians Speechless – Watch Video

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are generally quite usual sights in the sky, but they sometimes can leave us all speechless. Residents of the Amur Oblast region from Russia had witnessed a peculiar and shiny object traversing the sky and resembling a jellyfish, according to The Sun.

ViralHog posted the relevant video on YouTube, and it rapidly gathered tens of thousands of views:

YouTube video

The video’s description says it all:

My friends and I saw the movement of some object in the sky, it looked like a comet, but it flew slowly and we realized that it was some kind of rocket or flying machine, a little later it exploded and a pattern in the form of jellyfish was formed, we even heard some kind of sound similar on blast.

Amur Oblast is also the location of the Vostochny Cosmodrome rocket launch site of Russia, so perhaps that has something to do with the unusual sight from the sky.

Nature always amazes us

Peculiar objects flying above our heads are constantly appearing. For instance, last month, a spectacular fireball lit up the skies over the American state of Idaho. The event caused the night to look like daytime for a brief moment. Fireballs are terms for very bright meteors that are observable over wide areas. It’s usual for fireballs to reach bright visual magnitudes.

Any object present in the sky can fall into the “UFO” category until it’s identified. UFO’s aren’t necessarily flying saucers maneuvered by aliens that we’ve all seen in sci-fi movies and cartoons. Therefore, an UFO on the sky doesn’t automatically mean a spacecraft controlled by an alien willing to reveal the secrets of the Universe to us.

Speculations immediately began regarding the nature of the UFO above the Russian surface. Feel free to tell us yours in a comment!

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