More Earthquakes and Lava Occur At the Volcano From La Palma

More Earthquakes and Lava Occur At the Volcano From La Palma

An imposing and terrifying volcano eruption occurred in La Palma (Spain) recently, leading to a lot of disarray and evacuations. The activity from the vents has significantly increased, leading to an even more dramatic event.

The news regarding the new activity is brought by At this point, going anywhere near the volcano is certainly a bad idea. Huge spits of lava rise up to 600 meters high from the main vent.

There has also been an increase in earthquakes in the area. There were four quakes of magnitudes from 4 to 4.7.

About a month ago, the emergency services of the Canary Islands issued the following statement, as cited by CNN:

The lava’s contact with the sea can generate gases harmful for (your) health. If you are in the confined zone of Tazacorte, the safest place is inside your home.

If you’re under a volcano warning, there are some basic and extremely useful things to do, as reveals: you should keep track of alerts and emergency information, avoid areas downstream of eruptions, avoid driving under heavy ash fall, follow the orders regarding shelter and evacuation, and so on.

We hope that everybody is safe, and you can feel free to leave us your own thoughts in the comment section!

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