How Would Living On Mars Affect Your Body?

How Would Living On Mars Affect Your Body?

Science Focus has conducted what they call a “Thought Experiment”, trying to figure out how would living on Mars affect your body. According to them, the low gravity, radiations, and the poisonous Mars soil would affect people more than expected.

It is already a well-known fact that the low gravity is changing the astronauts’ bodies, therefore, living on Mars will also be challenging for a future Mars colonization. Besides, radiations and the Mars toxic soils would also be harmful to the possible future humans who will inhabit the Red Planet.

How would the Mars low-gravity affect your body?

Many studies trying to explain the low-gravity effects on humans’ bodies have been conducted on the astronauts of the ISS. According to the studies in this regard, some physical activity conducted daily would diminish the negative effects of the low-gravity.

Besides, is has been proved that low-gravity diminishes the number of red blood cells, thus, astronauts’ immune systems might get insufficient.

However, the long-term exposure to low-gravity has unknown effects.

How would the Mars radiations affect your body?

On Mars, you’d be exposed daily to an average value of radiations of 0.67mSv, which is similar to one X-ray imaging. Thus, it would be like you’d take X-ray imaging on a daily basis.

Studies in this regard, however, predicted that the risks of developing cancers are of only 10% on the long-run but, when combined with the low-gravity, the risks might increase considerably.

How would the Mars toxic soil affect your body?

Perchlorates are very common on the Martian soil and they are highly reactive under the very powerful UV radiations that are hitting the Red Planet. Unavoidably, Mars colonist will bring particles of the Martian dust inside their bases and could breathe it or ingest it, even without noticing.

Perchlorates are very toxic compounds and even a small amount of these substances would shut down the thyroid gland, increase the blood pressure to dangerous levels, or cause lung lesions.

In conclusion, this is how would living on Mars affect your body.Thus, the combined exposure to low-gravity, high level of radiations, and to the poisonous Mars soil would turn a long-term Mars colonization into a life-threatening journey.

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