Fireball Above Canada Likely Leaves Behind Meteorites – Watch Video

Fireball Above Canada Likely Leaves Behind Meteorites – Watch Video

If you are eager to see a fireball, we’re here to serve you. What a coincidence, right? Such sightings in the night sky aren’t too rare, fortunately or not. One of them zipped across the skies over Canada, and it probably left behind an even more spectacular light show.

On Sunday, the fireball was seen over the eastern part of Lake Simcoe from Ontario, Canada, according to If you haven’t been around to see the cosmic event live, there’s no need to worry, as the huge powers of the internet allow us all to see some footage of the fireball:

YouTube video

But the “Canadian” fireball wasn’t just like any fireball. Here’s what meteor specialist Denis Vida from the Western University has to say, as Media Relations quotes:

This fireball was particularly significant because it was moving slowly, was on an asteroidal orbit and ended very low in the atmosphere. These are all good indicators that material survived.

Those who were the lucky ones to film the event are the folks in charge of cameras from the physics and astronomy department of the Western University. 

Our publication has often written about fireballs appearing in the night sky. For instance, one such cosmic object has emerged over the skies of the American state of Wisconsin. Therefore, bright meteors might not be such rare events as people might generally be tempted to believe.

James Lattis, an astronomy professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explained, as quoted by Post Crescent:

It’s just a matter of time. If you watch the sky long enough, you will see plenty of meteors and even some bright ones,

It’s a reminder that we should all keep an eye on the great things happening in the sky.

In the end, the Universe might be way too mysterious for us to comprehend.


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