An Egyptian archaeological treasure was discovered in the Valley of the Kings

An Egyptian archaeological treasure was discovered in the Valley of the Kings

At the Draa el-Naga necropolises near the Egyptian Kings’ Valley, a remarkable Egyptian tomb was discovered.

The tomb consists of a small room and another room eight feet below the ground where four mummies were discovered, informs The Guardian. According to specialists, the main inhabitant was an aurar called Amenemhat who lived in the 18th dynasty, a period dominated by leaders such as Nefertiti, Tutankhamun and Hatshepsut. Skeletons, funerary artifacts, including 150 ushabtu statues to be servants in the afterlife, four wooden sarcophagi, jewelery and funerary cones, were discovered in the grave.

Zahi Hawass, one of the Egyptologists’ leading Egyptian Egyptologists, argues that discovery is extremely important. Of the 50 buried cones found, 40 belonged to four other leaders from that period whose remains were not yet discovered. Mostafa Waziry, the excavator leader, states that “this is a good sign. It means we have to continue digging to find four more tombs. ”

Antiquities Minister Khaled Alnani says it is an “exceptional” discovery. He claims that 2017 was a year of archaeological discoveries.

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