There will Now be Breastfeeding Spaces in Airports

There will Now be Breastfeeding Spaces in Airports

When it comes to traveling through airports, one of the most stressful things for young mothers is bringing their newborn baby along with them. On the bright side, airports have finally decided to install small pods all over the country so that mothers would have the intimacy to breastfeed their children.

More about these pods

These new pods for mothers are going to be named Mamava. Their main goal is going to be to provide the comfort and the privacy needed for mothers so that they can nurse or pump their breast milk. Moreover, these pods will have electrical outlets so that mothers could charge up their devices while also taking care of their children.

How will these mothers find these pods and how do they know in which airports they are? Thankfully enough there is an app for that, named Mamava. Moms can use to find the pod in the airport and the app will unlock the pod for the mother.

Now you may be wondering how these pods are better than letting the mother breastfeed in a public restroom. Well, a public restroom is more crowded, with people coming in and out, disturbing the peace and quiet. In a worst-case scenario, these restrooms may even be filled with bacteria and newborns need to be protected as much as possible. This is why Mamava pods are such a breath of fresh air.

Breastfeeding helps the baby develop and be healthier later on in life. A study found out that babies who were breastfed by their mother were 30 percent less likely to be obese during its adolescence or its adulthood.

Last but not least, these pods can also be used by airport employees who are also mothers. These pods will be available all over the United States, not just in airports but also in stadiums, hospitals and schools.

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