Sims Mobile vs Sims FreePlay – What Sets Them Apart?

Sims Mobile vs Sims FreePlay – What Sets Them Apart?

Sims FreePlay is one of the most popular mobile games ever made. This is a cross platform game that runs on both iOS and Android and it’s based off the popular Sims franchise. Therefore, people can create their own characters, design their dream houses and have fun in the Sims FreePlay community.

However, EA has recently released a trailer for the brand-new Sims Mobile game. This game will be equipped with similar features like Sims FreePlay and it will compete against it. Even though EA (Electronic Arts) is the company that’s in charge of both games, there is a major difference between them.

Sims FreePlay is developed by EA and Firemonkeys while Sims Mobile is the result of EA’s partnership with Maxis. For those unaware, Maxis is the game company that helped develop the PC and console edition of Sims 4. Therefore, Sims Mobile is expected to ship with a ton more features. With that said, let’s check out some of the features that Sims Mobile will have over Sims FreePlay.

User Interface

The first thing that Sims fans will notice about the new game is that its equipped with a cooler UI. This UI has been specially developed to make it easier for players to receive access to all the basic controls they need in order to control the lives of their characters.

Enhanced Character Customization

Regarding characters, one of the coolest thing about the new game is that it will offer more options when it comes to customization. Therefore, Sims fans will receive access to a bunch more appearance changes which will help them create the perfect character.

Sadly, this is all the information EA and Maxis have released about Sims Mobile right now and we need to wait a little more time until we can get our hands on the game. Nonetheless, interested readers can check out the trailer for the game down below.

YouTube video

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