Medical spotlight: Ophthalmic consultant Dr Jitendra Swarup MD

Medical spotlight: Ophthalmic consultant Dr Jitendra Swarup MD

When you have an issue with your vision or an underlying eye condition has recently come to light, you’re going to need an experienced ophthalmic consultant who can put your vision health first, such as Jitendra Swarup MD. It’s your health and your wellbeing that matters the most, so you need to ensure you’re getting the best advice you can possibly receive.

Turning to an experienced ophthalmic expert can help put your mind at ease. As a world-class ophthalmologist, Dr Jitendra Swarup MD is well respected within the medical community, having published numerous medical papers and articles as well as co-authoring many studies.

Pushing the boundaries of ocular knowledge thanks to his involvement in the FDA approved Excimer Laser in 1993, as well as lectures on cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation, it’s clear that his passion for his work and patients alike is unmatched.

Leading ophthalmologist Dr Jitendra Swarup handles patients with all kinds of vision conditions, including cataracts and glaucoma as well as cosmetic practices using advanced procedures and fully tailored approaches to ensure every client gets the treatment and the results they deserve.

In terms of education and experience within the Ophthalmic world, Dr Jitendra Swarup has a lot to be proud of, having earned an MD from the Howard University College of Medicine in 1991, then continuing his education with chief residencies at the Sinai Hospital in Detroit before being appointed President Vidant Beaufort Hospital in 2011. He has gone on to work in numerous locations throughout his 30-year ophthalmic career, earning the respect of his medical peers and transforming the lives of his patients – whether clinical or cosmetic – in every residency.

When searching for the right ophthalmic consultant, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Putting your vision and wellbeing first is what will get you the best possible treatment and advice from experts like Dr Jitendra Swarup MD. And as his success continues, so does his ophthalmic reputation; you’ll find him serving six locations in eastern North Carolina, and he hopes to bring his world-class expertise and skills to as many patients as possible.

If you’re based in eastern North Carolina, then you’ll be able to take full advantage of Dr Jitendra Swarup MD being the only ophthalmic expert who can provide cataract removal using the LenSx femtosecond laser. Patient happiness and wellbeing are crucial to experts like Swarup, which is why you’ll experience world-class service, bedside manner and be taken care of every step of the way, from your very first phone call to your consultation and beyond.

If you’re someone who is suffering from cataracts, worrying about glaucoma or you want to experience life without glasses or contact lenses, then reaching out to Dr Jitendra Swarup MD simply makes sense. Call today to make your first appointment.

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