Importance Of Taking Extra Care When In The Sun

Importance Of Taking Extra Care When In The Sun

The summer months are fast approaching, which means plenty of time being spent on the beach, or sunbathing in the back garden. When the sun is out, everything seems more positive and it’s lovely to spend time with your loved ones outside going on walks. That said, it’s extremely important to be careful when out in the sun and look after your skin. Not only will burning your skin cause irritation, but it could also lead to skin cancer when done too many times.

Wearing The Correct SPF

SPF is short for sun protection factor. When buying sun cream, each bottle will be labelled with an SPF number that will indicate how protective that sunscreen is from you and the sun. Essentially, the higher the number the more protection the sun cream will offer you from the sun and the less likely it is that you will burn. It is recommended that you use at least factor 30 sunscreen when in the sun or higher if possible.

Reapply After Swimming

Chances are if you are on holiday there will be a pool nearby. Swimming is great fun when away with many beautiful beaches and many resorts having luxury pools for you to swim in. When swimming remember that the sun cream you originally applied will rub off. This means that once you are done swimming make sure you reapply and cover yourself. It’s also worth remembering water doesn’t protect you. You are just as likely to burn in the pool as you are out of the pool. In fact, water reflects and can make the rays from the sun more intense resulting in you more likely to being burnt.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

If you feel yourself starting to burn, then cover it up with the appropriate clothing. Yes, a long sleeve top may be uncomfortable but it will be less uncomfortable than when your skin is burnt and irritated. In the summer range of clothing stores, there are many different apparels to help cover yourself up from the sun but also be comfortable. As well as clothing, it is important you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Polarised glasses are known for being particularly effective in the sun but can come at a cost.

Take Regular Shade Breaks

As much as enjoying the sun can be beneficial to your mental health, taking breaks out of the sun can be just as beneficial. The heat from the sun can be very intense on your skin and cause you to be dehydrated which can then lead to headaches. This is why it’s important to regularly take time indoors to reduce your sun exposure as well as rehydrate and drink water. If you really want to stay in the sun, then hiring an umbrella to protect you from the suns rays can be a good idea.

What things do you do to reduce the impact of the sun on your skin? Do you follow any of the above tips? Hae you planning on going anywhere nice this summer? Let us know in the comment box below.  

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