Gigantic Alligator Enters House and Tries to Attack Family

Gigantic Alligator Enters House and Tries to Attack Family

An unexpected surprise was in store for a family when a huge alligator entered their house, climbed a staircase and then penetrated their living room. The South Carolina family reacted quickly and took refuge in their master bedroom, leaving the snake in the rest of the home. The giant monster overturned their furniture and then nestled in between a sofa and a swinging bench.

The blood-curdling footage shows the snake trying to lash out at the person who is filming, while looking in a menacing manner at the rest of the family. Susie and Steve Polston, together with their son, aged 16, called for an expert to come and deal with the beast. Susie declared for the Post and Courier that the entire incident was really bizarre.

From what it seems, the alligator was around 60 years old and it was more and more violent. The apparent cause of its agitation was the fact that a fence that had been recently built stood in his way to a mating pool. The state law says that any trapped alligator should be killed, the family said that they want it to live.

However, despite their wish, the alligator was killed in the end. Worryingly enough, this might not be the end of the story, since the official authorities in Mount Pleasant have announced that more alligators might come to light. This happens because of the weather that is getting warmer and warmer.

The best thing to do in case you ever go through a similar situation is to take shelter in a separate area of the house. After you’re in a safe place, call an expert or the police to help you deal with this delicate situation. Under any circumstances, do not attempt to kill the snake or capture it, since it might be extremely dangerous!

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