Canker Sores Can be Cured with Essential Oils

Canker Sores Can be Cured with Essential Oils

Everybody knows that cankers can be very uncomfortable. When they show up, even the simplest actions that you can do with your mouth, like eating or talking, become painful and turn every day into a nightmare.

In case you are among the lucky people who never had a canker, let’s mention that we are talking about injuries appeared on the soft tissue around the gums. Some people define them as mouth ulcers.

How to recognize and treat canker sores in a natural way

Most people don’t realize that they have a canker and mistake the pain and discomfort caused by it with a sore throat. If you notice that the pain is accompanied by a red bump which bursts after a day or two causing an unexpected wound, it means that you have a canker.

Unlike colds, cankers are not contagious, so you couldn’t have taken it from someone and you cannot pass it on to someone else. Also, genetics are a determining factor in this case, so if your parents had this problem, don’t be surprised that you are experiencing it as well.

Besides, cankers are a sign that people have some health issues or bad habits: you are going through a stressful time, your immune system is weak or you brush your teeth and gums very roughly. Furthermore, you might be having a diet poor in vitamin B12 and you should consider the fact that women are more likely to get cankers throughout their life.

Essential oils can relieve the sore caused by cankers

The mouth is a place where bacteria grows and develops fast, so cankers can take a long time to heal, even if the patient has a good oral hygene. The nasty wound which keeps you from living a normal life for a few days should go by itself, but how can you handle the pain?

The good news is that essential oils can help you. You can try natural cures like wild oregano and oils extracted from clove, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus essential oil and Melrose extract. Thanks to their properties, these compounds relive the pain and have antiviral and antifungal effects.

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