Breaking News: Chernobyl’s Nuclear Plant Blackout – High Risk Of Radioactive Substances In Air

Breaking News: Chernobyl’s Nuclear Plant Blackout – High Risk Of Radioactive Substances In Air

As if the geopolitical tensions were not enough, things continue to get worse. Check out the latest reports about Russia and Ukraine.

The vital publication Unilad just noted that Ukraine’s state power operator Energoatom, the Chernobyl nuclear plant has been disconnected from the grid. This triggered fears over radioactive substances being released into the atmosphere.

“Energoatom confirmed that a 750Kw power line has been severed, with attempts to make repairs having been unable to take place as fighting continues.”

Experts don’t yet know how the blackout occurred and what is being done to resolve the problem, but The State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine warned that there were currently 20,000 spent fuel assemblies that needed constant cooling – this is something only possible with electricity.

“If it is not there, the pumps will not cool. As a result, the temperature in the holding pools will increase,” the agency tweeted.


Chernobyl without power means that there is no way to cool off spent nuclear fuel which potentially can cause another nuclear meltdown.

Nuclear discharge danger 

It’s also important to note the fact that official reports say the following: 

“After that evaporation will occur, that will lead to nuclear discharge. The wind can transfer the radioactive cloud to other regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Europe. In addition, there is no ventilation inside the facility.”
More than that, “all personnel there will receive a dangerous dose of radiation.”

Earlier today, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko claimed the fact that the authorities were unable to find out what the radiation levels at the plant were. The story is still developing so make sure to stay tuned in order to find out more available information once it’s out. 

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