Cincinnati Zoo Has a New Lemur Baby Animal

Cincinnati Zoo Has a New Lemur Baby Animal

Three ring-tailed lemur babies were born recently at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. The lovely lemur babies were born to two different mothers, both giving birth within days of each other. The females are five-year old Izze, giving birth to one lemur baby and Willow, three years old, giving birth to twins.

Facts about ring-tailed lemurs

It is an endangered omnivorous species endemic to the Madagascar Island. They are endangered due to the destruction of their habitat and the bushmeat trade. In Madagascar they can be observed in the forest of the south or southwestern past of the island.

The ring-tailed lemur is a very sociable animal living in large groups and it mostly relies on its sense of smell. In 2017, the wild population of ring-tailed lemurs is believed to have reached its lowest level with only 2.000 individuals.

As an omnivore, the ring-tailed lemur eats kily (tamarid tree), fruits and leaves, arthropods and insect cocoons. Its diet depends on the season and the lemur is an adaptable, opportunistic animal.

Facts about the Madagascar Island

Also known as the Island of Lemurs, the Madagascar Island is located in the Indian Ocean, southeast Africa. Its capital is Antananarivo and it is an island with a very diverse fauna and flora. 80% of its plants cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Some examples include the Didireaceae species, the traveler’s palm, the pachypodium species etc.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

The famous Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the U.S and it has many exhibits such as Gorilla world, Wolf Woods or Go Green Garden. Plenty of animal babies are born at the zoo and they win visitors’ hearts very fast with their adorability. Recently also baby hippo Fiona became famous and loved worldwide.

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