April the Giraffe Meets Troubled Boy

April the Giraffe Meets Troubled Boy

A 10-year-old boy coming from Ohio had the chance to fulfill his lifetime wish when he met the new favorite animal in the world and the most beloved giraffe at the moment: April. He is suffering from a seizure disorder that is threatening his life.

A Day Alex Will Never Forget

Make-A-Wish Foundation is already famous for fulfilling wishes for many children and people who have a last wish. Alex Johnson is one of the most recent people who got the chance of their lives and lived a day they will never forget with the help of this foundation. Long story short, he was granted the desire to meet April the giraffe after he, together with other millions of people, have been waiting for the animal to give birth previously in 2017.

Alex is also visually impaired, cannot talk and suffers from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) because of the fact he lost oxygen at birth. Despite all this, he travelled together with his family all the way from Avon, OH, to the Animal Adventure Park found in Harpursville, NY. They arrived on Tuesday and they managed to meet April, as well as her newborn named Tajiri.

An Incredible Experience

The experience was a memorable one for his parents as well. His mother Dawn declared that she still can’t believe that they were there, in the place they have been watching online for so long. They were so excited for the baby and they waited so long that they actually started believing it won’t come after all.

Besides fulfilling the boy’s wish, the day has been a memorable one because it got the entire family out of their routine. The mother declared that the family trip was a gift for all of them, since they took their minds off the regular problems and worries.

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