Amputee Bear Was Rescued and Receives a Chance to Normal Life

Amputee Bear Was Rescued and Receives a Chance to Normal Life

A bear spent 10 years in captivity, locked away in a bile farm with its front legs amputated. The situation was very bad and thankfully, a global animal welfare organization: Four Paws has managed to save the Asian black bear Hai Chan.

Hai Chan gets to experience sunlight

Thanks to the animal welfare organization, the bear started a new life in a sanctuary in Vietnam and it is now free to wander around in the sunlight. The poor bear can enjoy the nature, the trees and water for the first time.

Although the farming of bear bile is illegal in almost all countries, it is a traditional Chinese medicine and many are still trading it.

Bear bile farms are horrific

The bile is a fluid produced by the bear’s livers and the bear bile trade is worth around $2 billion per year. There are an estimated 12,000 bears kept in tiny cages, preventing them from standing up or turning around. They have a catheter inserted to extract the bile and they are tortured by people with no medical training. The cruelty is horrific and the poor bears cannot escape.

The bears are stolen as cubs

Most cubs are captured by poachers and their mother is usually killed. The bears are kept at the limit of survival, dehydrated and half-starved. Even worse is the fate of bears such as Hai Chan. These bears get their front paws amputated to prepare a wine beverage consisting of wine and the amputated limbs.

Hai Can was rescued and vets collaborated with caretakers to try and nurse it back to life. The bear suffered from malnutrition and other damages. Only after a long time was it ready to venture outside and enjoy life again.

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