Male Contraceptive Pill Is Getting Closer, Thanks To Recent Breakthrough

Male Contraceptive Pill Is Getting Closer, Thanks To Recent Breakthrough

After a trial showed a male contraceptive pill that works without significant side-effects if taken once a day, the hopes for this drug have increased. The drug aims to get the levels of hormones suppressed as they drive the sperm and testosterone’s production in the testes.

The study lasted for one month during which doctors found that the men who took the capsule every day had smaller levels of the hormones required for sperm production. With that being said, the sperm counts of the subjects of the experiment had been markedly reduced. The next step consists of confirming the fall and determinating if it is enough.

Instead of making man use condoms or getting them vasectomies, scientists decided to create a contraceptive pill for them that they have been working on for years now testing a lot of prototypes.

We might have a male contraceptive pill very soon

A co-senior investigator on the trial at the University of Washington in Seattle and a professor of medicine, Stephanie Page said: “The goal is to expand contraceptive options and create a menu of choices for men like we have for women. We are neglecting a major potential user population with the limited options currently available to men.”

Even though there is a range of patches, contraceptive pills, and injections that women can use not to get pregnant, men can only opt for a vasectomy or using condoms. Page said that the rate of unplanned pregnancies had stagnated at about 40 percent.

The safety trial at the University of Washington and LA BioMed began its first phase with the enrollment of forty healthy men. A placebo capsule was ingested by ten of the volunteers while the rest were given either a 400mg dose of the drug or a 200mg one, 11-beta-MNTDC. During 28 days, all of them took one capsule daily with food.

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