Diet Sodas to Cause Stroke and Dementia

Diet Sodas to Cause Stroke and Dementia

In general, a large part of the sugar intake in our body comes from foods, but many experts advise cutting down on sugar drinks for reducing the intake. The journal Circulation, which is an update of a conference presentation held back in 2013 by the American Heart Association, published a research showing that 184,000 adult deaths worldwide are caused by sugary drinks.

Totally Not Healthy

According to a new study, drinking a beverage containing artificial sweeteners may cause health and brain issues. Diet sodas had a connection with higher risks for stroke and dementia, as the study published in the American Heart Association journal showed.

But Is It That Simple?

Truth is, it’s not that simple to draw a clear cause and effect line between the two. The study only showed that there is indeed an association between them. As such, researchers could not find an actual cause, so more experts say that we should be careful when interpreting the results. However, no such connection was spotted between the aforementioned health risks and other beverages with high levels of sugar such as fruit juice, fruit drinks and sodas sweetened with sugar.

Matthew Pase, who is a senior research person working in the neurology department at the Boston University School of Medicine and also the leading author of the study, says that it is indeed an issue that we don’t have enough information about the effects of diet soda consumption. And this happens especially since diet drinks gain more and more popularity among general population.

As a response, Lauren Kane, who works as a spokeswoman for the ABA (American Beverage Association), stated that low-calorie sweeteners received the safe mark by government safety authorities all over the world. As such, they claim that these types of sweeteners are safe for consumption.

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