5 causes of acne in adults along with their remedies

5 causes of acne in adults along with their remedies

As an adult, you expect acne to already belong to the past, but it’s not exactly that.

It is estimated that an adult of 5, aged 25-44 years, faces different forms of acne, which are more difficult to treat than in adolescence.

Acne rashes at the age of maturity are caused by a number of factors that can be very easy to control, unlike puberty acne, which is largely influenced by the age-specific hormone explosion.

More than an aesthetic problem, acne can severely affect the quality of life of the affected person, often experiencing depressive states, loss of self-confidence and isolation from society.

Causes of acne in adults

Let’s discover, then, what are the five major causes of adult acne:

1. Great attention to cosmetics – hair conditioner, shaving gels, face creams, sunscreen lotions, and all other oil-based products can clog the pores and so the skin can not breathe, with the risk of chimneys occurring. To prevent such problems, it’s as simple as that: change your hair and skin care products with noncomedogenic dermatocosmetic products. You will feel the difference on your skin!

In addition, do not abuse cosmetics, whether or not labeled “nonconedogenic”, because the very large amount of substances in these products can lead to the appearance of acne. And at the gym try to avoid using the foundation because sweating will eventually cancel any purpose, and the combination of chemicals and sweat will cause bacteria to appear on the skin surface and increased risk of acne.

2. Do not have hands on your face – are you accustomed to hanging or scratching your nose? Or, worse, do not resist the temptation to scratch your baskets? Well, you should give up these habits, because this encourages the development of bacteria and the occurrence of infection in the most prone areas.

Also, keep in mind that squeezing the baskets is not beneficial at all and can do more harm than good, increasing the degree of inflammation and the risk of remaining with permanent scars. So do your best to resist this temptation.

3. Sweating does not make a good home with clean skin – if high temperatures or intense physical exercise make you sweat abundantly, do your best to wipe with a dry napkin or use thermal water sprays because of sweat-released toxins. They will combine with natural skin oils and if they stagnate too much on the surface of the skin will lead to the clogging of the pores and the appearance of the baskets.

Also, change your sweaty clothes as soon as possible and avoid the molded ones because sweating favors the appearance of baskets on the back, chest or other areas of the body, not just on the face.

4. Avoid Excessive Washing and Exfoliating Gels – Excessive washing with soaps containing aggressive chemicals and alcohol will only encourage the appearance of acne, as the skin will secrete even more sebum to compensate, and thus there is an increased risk of the build-up of the baskets. It is enough to wash your face twice a day with a soap-cream, applying gentle circular movements, then shaking the skin with warm water, not cold as ice or very hot.

Also take great care with exfoliating gels and lotions because such products can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin, as well as excessive drying of it.

5. Easier With Stress – When you are stressed, the body releases the so-called stress hormone called cortisol that can favor the hyperproduction of natural oils of the sebaceous glands. When this sebum combines with dead cells and bacteria on the surface of the skin may appear black baskets and dots, or acne already installed can be aggravated.
Deep breathing techniques and moderate exercise can significantly help reduce stress.

Other factors contributing to the occurrence of acne in adults

If you follow the above advice for at least 2 months, we guarantee that your skin will look completely different. However, if the results are awaiting and poor hygiene cannot be criticized for the appearance of the baskets, other factors may cause this.
Among these we can list:

  • Hormonal imbalance (eg irregular menstrual cycle, pregnancy, discontinuation of oral contraceptives, etc.)
  • Adverse effects of certain drugs
  • Allergic reactions to certain foods or cosmetics
  • Genetic heritage.
    It is therefore essential to consult with a dermatologist to provide you with the best solutions and a clear cause of acne persistence.

In addition, because it is (near) summer we recommend eating a lot of green leafy vegetables or cruciferous vegetables, as nutritionists call them because it is scientifically proven that the diet that includes these herbs can reduce the risk of skin problems up to 50%, among which you guessed, including acne.

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