This Dangerous Herb Is A Potential Threat To Our Health But People Are Still Consuming It

This Dangerous Herb Is A Potential Threat To Our Health But People Are Still Consuming It


Latest studies show that kids who accidentally ingest a specific herb can be poisoned. This is usually used by adults to increase sexual potency. This phenomenon started at the beginning of the 2000s until 2012 where hundreds of thousands of calls were received regarding poisoning cases.

As research was conducted in order to determine what harmful substance was responsible for these unwanted outcomes, it was narrowed down to one: the Yohimbe tree bark extract. The consequences were severe and diverse ranging from heart problems, such as tachycardia, to affections of the kidney.

The origins of this herb are found in Africa, where it is normally used as a treatment for common fevers or even leprosy. What is less known is that it can function as an agent that arouses sexual desire. The evidence is insufficient to prove that the substance can improve the sexual performances of both men and women, but it is still the most popular way of treating erectile dysfunction or low libido.

This herbal substance can be sold in different shapes and forms, whether it’s tablets or capsules or simply tea . The recommended amount is problematic since ingesting too little has no effect and too much it becomes dangerous for the adult body. However, people still use it and even if they take it in small, cautious dosages it causes unwanted symptoms.

It’s extremely important for the population to be informed and have knowledge about other ways that are safer to use for getting better results in their sexual performances such as Viagra.  Moreover, people think this supplement is safe and compare it to medication, but what is less known is that these supplements are not as strictly tested as pharmaceutical products. This tree bark extract can even be deadly for those who use a great amount of it in a short span of time.

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