Speaking About Cancer Helps Treatment According to New Study

Speaking About Cancer Helps Treatment According to New Study

Speaking about diseases that plague our bodies and/or minds is never easy. Even though many hospitals and treatment centers encourage people that suffer from serious conditions to always come forward and open up about their disease, not many people always have the strength and courage to do so. And that is understandable, after all. However, a new study just proved that speaking up about your illness is a crucial step in recovering from it.

Talking It Out

The study was led by Dr. Ethan Basch, a well-established oncologist, and it dealt with cancer patients. According to the study, people who immediately informed medics about the symptoms of their disease also showed better chances of survival and a life expectancy increase of more than half a year. And, in the long run, the survival rate of people that speak up about their cancer symptoms might even increase past that.

Of course, no one is expected to believe that you can simply talk the cancer out of you. But by immediately informing doctors of symptoms such as aches or nausea, they are also able to treat you in a more prompt and effective manner. When dealing with such a damaging and invasive disease like cancer, even the small things matter. Chemotherapy is awful, but if you feel worse because of it, you need to let your doctors know.

Many people avoid discussing their symptoms in great detail because they don’t want to seem weak or invoke pity. However, letting your doctors and even your family members and loved ones know what ails you is not a sign of weakness, but rather one of conscious awareness and involvement with the treatment of your disease. So, if you suffer from cancer, speak up. It might just save your life.

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