Bizarre Medical Case: A Woman has her Wrists full of Gold

Bizarre Medical Case: A Woman has her Wrists full of Gold

Radiographs showed that a woman in South Korea had bright lights around her fingers. These are actually the golden strands that came to the woman’s wrists after a traditional treatment.

Radiographies were made in April 2014 when a 58-year-old woman went to a rheumatology clinic because of pains in the wrists and legs, writes Live Science.

This told doctors that wrist problems began when she was 18 years old. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 48, a condition in which the immune system attacks the wrists. Untreated, the disease leads to deformities of the joints.

To ease the pain, the woman took ibuprofen but tried to get rid of pain with acupuncture with gold. The practice of alternative medicine resembles traditional acupuncture, in which very thin needles are inserted into the body. But in the case of gold acupuncture, small and sterile golden pieces are introduced using the needles used in normal acupuncture; and the golden branches are left in the body.

This case is particularly due to the density of these golden strands in almost all the deformed wrists.

Of course, as the pain persisted, traditional treatment did not work, nor did it aggravate the problem, according to physicians. “I do not think gold strands are associated with the development or advancement of the rheumatoid arthritis or worsening wrists pain”, said Kyung-Su Park rheumatologist who treated the patient. “Surprisingly, there are only a few reports about the side effects of acupuncture of this type”, the doctor added.

The aggravation of the disease was due to the neglect of standard treatment in favor of a traditional one. The doctors prescribed a new treatment and operated her on the feet to relieve the pain.

Since gold does not disturb and there are no side effects associated with it, doctors have not removed it. Now, the 61-year-old woman feels better, according to Park’s statements.

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