How the Chocolate Industry Has Fooled Us Over The Years

How the Chocolate Industry Has Fooled Us Over The Years

According to recent research, dark chocolate is a health food. This conclusion was reached by researchers after conducting hundreds of studies sponsored by chocolate companies such as Mars.

Food companies are misleading the public

For more than 30 years companies such as Nestle, Mars, Barry Callebaut and Hershey’s have financed studies and researches for scientists finding evidence which suggests cocoa science is beneficial for consumers. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent and most of us have started to see food such as dark chocolate as health food rather than candy.

The chocolate and cocoa industry is not the only one acting in this manner. Grape juice makers or walnut growers are other examples of sponsors for studies proving these foods are cutting diabetes and driving performance.

It appears that even the greatest scientific minds are driven to conducting studies which bring benefit to the chocolate industry.

Mars is behind the scheme

Mars is one of the most active companies in financing studies. Vox journalists have analyzed 100 studies financed by Mars.

The company established back in 1982 the Mars Center for Cocoa Health Science in Brazil, a place dedicated to studying the biology of cocoa and how it impacts human health. Mars is known for selling chocolates such as Snickers, Twix or M&M’s.

The company also has a scientific center called Mars Symbioscience founded in 2005. The center has released more than 140 scientific papers regarding chocolate and human health.

It seems that the company has now shifted its attention towards studying flavanols. The ground components are micronutrients which can be found in vegetables and fruits, cocoa included.

The company started to study flavanols, cocoa and to endow a chair in nutrition science with its headquarters at the University of California Davis.

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