Vaccine Testing Starts for Younger Children – Watch 9-Year-Old Twins as They Receive Pfizer’s Jab for COVID

Vaccine Testing Starts for Younger Children – Watch 9-Year-Old Twins as They Receive Pfizer’s Jab for COVID

Researchers from the US and other countries are beginning to test younger and younger children for COVID-19 vaccines. They believe that by doing so, they’ll make sure that the jabs work for people of all ages.
As AP News reveals, two nine-year-old twin girls received test doses of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer, followed by a bandage. The girls were very brave and didn’t even flinch.
Marisol Gerardo and her sister Alejandra are the two brave girls in question, and you can see them below:

YouTube video

The mother of the two girls is Dr. Susanna Naggie, who is also an infectious disease specialist. She and her husband explained to the twin girls the option to be part of the testing, and Alejandra and Marisol made their own choice to volunteer.
Naggie declared:

We really trust the research process and understand that they may get a dose that doesn’t work at all but may have side effects.

She also said the following about her two girls:

They do worry about others and I think this is something that really, you know, struck home for them.

Several COVID vaccine manufacturers aim to vaccinate the little ones

In China, Sinovac announced that it sent preliminary data to regulators showing that its vaccine is safe for kids as young as three years old. Johnson & Johnson is also planning similar vaccine testing for kids, while AstraZeneca already began such testing for its vaccine among children of 6-to-17 years old.
According to data from Bloomberg, over 518 million vaccine shots for COVID were given across the world. Over 137 million vaccine doses were administered only in the US, meaning over a third of the country’s entire population.

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