Vaccinated or Not, You Should Wear a Mask, According to a Californian State Agency

Vaccinated or Not, You Should Wear a Mask, According to a Californian State Agency

The US continues to face an increase in the daily number of infections caused by COVID. When most people thought that the horror is finally over, it all comes back. The scenario alerted authorities and made them looking for solutions.

The Fox News publication announces that even if someone is vaccinated for the coronavirus or not, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) still recommends the person to get vaccinated. The state agency recommends everyone wear a mask indoors.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also called for all the vaccinated people living in high-transmission areas to put on a mask while indoors.

The Delta variant of COVID is to blame

CDPH Director Dr. Tomás Aragón declared as quoted by Fox News:

The Delta variant has caused a sharp increase in hospitalizations and case rates across the state,
We are recommending masking in indoor public places to slow the spread while we continue efforts to get more Californians vaccinated.

The Delta variant is considered more infectious by experts. Furthermore, the strain can lead to more hospitalizations, being more dangerous than the Alpha variant. However, an increase in infectiousness alone is dangerous, as it can overwhelm the health system.

Credit:, iqbal nuril anwar
Credit:, iqbal nuril anwar

Gavin Newson, the California Gov., declared as also cited by Fox News:

We are now dealing with a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and it’s going to take renewed efforts to protect Californians from the dangerous Delta variant,
As the state’s largest employer, we are leading by example and requiring all state and health care workers to show proof of vaccination or be tested regularly, and we are encouraging local governments and businesses to do the same.

Masks are not effective enough unless you wear them the right way, according to A mask that you often pull down to breathe or talk, or it’s worn under the nose, won’t be effective.

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