Universities From Utah Aim to Require COVID Vaccination For Students

Universities From Utah Aim to Require COVID Vaccination For Students

The pressure for those unvaccinated to accept either of the anti-COVID jabs increases. Officials are looking for all sorts of ways to convince more people to get vaccinated. Until now, 33.2% of the entire planet population was vaccinated for COVID with at least one dose, according to Our World in Data.

Deseret.com announces that three universities from the state of Utah (USA) are preparing to require COVID vaccination for students at no cost. The requirement will come after the governing board over public colleges and universities of Utah encourages institutions for such a purpose.

University of Utah, USU, and Weber State aim to demand COVID vaccination for students

Gov Spencer Cox, the Senate President Stuart Adams, as well as House Speaker Brad Wilson released a joint statement announcing support for the universities.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The joint statement says, as cited by Deseret.com:

The law allows Utah’s universities to require vaccinations as long as there is a path for students to submit personal exemptions and attend in-person classes. We support this balanced approach and look forward to keeping students, faculty and staff at our colleges and universities safe this year.

The University of Utah announced that detailed plans regarding the demand for students would be revealed next week. The statement writes, as quoted by Deseret.com:

Conversations with state leaders continue about a potential vaccine requirement for faculty and staff. Conversations also continue regarding vaccine requirements for University of Utah Health, including hospitals and clinics employees.

The statement also notes that one week into the fall semester, a minimum of 67% of the students are fully vaccinated.
According to data revealed by worldometers.info, the pandemic situation continues to look pretty bad in the US, as the country is dealing with a massive surge of COVID infections.

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