This Habit Can Grant a Significant Boost to the Brainpower of Elders

This Habit Can Grant a Significant Boost to the Brainpower of Elders

Living in our busy and technological world can indeed become stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, keeping up with what’s going on can be difficult, and therefore, memory problems will inevitably occur. Let’s not also forget that our brainpower tends to decrease as we get old.

Now let’s look at the bright side: there are ways of maintaining and even boosting your mental health. Surely everybody forgets things from time to time, but just when you’re not expecting it, it can become a real problem.

Improve cognition by using the internet

According to a new study that ScienceDirect speaks about, post-retirement internet usage is surprisingly linked to strong cognition for older adults.

Dr. Vincent O’Sullivan from Lancaster University Management School and also a co-author of the study, declared as quoted by EatThis,NotThat!:

Our results reveal that using the internet, post-retirement, leads to a marked reduction in the rate of cognitive decline.

In order to come to the amazing conclusion, researchers surveyed over 2,000 retired adults from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, and Austria. The participants retired seventeen years ago and went through cognitive testing in 2013 and 2015. They were asked to recall a list of 10 words immediately after hearing them and once again after 10 minutes. On average, it turned out that those retirees who used the internet were capable of recalling 1.22 more words than those who don’t go online.

Dr. O’Sullivan explains, as quoted by

Interestingly, this protective effect was found to be most significant amongst women, with female retirees who regularly surfed the internet able to recall 2.37 more words compared to women who didn’t go online,

The results were also consistent among men, with retired internet users able to recall 0.94 more words than men with similar characteristics who didn’t use the internet.

Of course, pretty much everyone is well aware by now of the age-old methods of keeping your mind sharp over the years: eating healthy, doing some workout, getting enough sleep, and so on.

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