Lamb of God Vocalist Urges Concertgoers to Obey COVID-19 Safety Measures

Lamb of God Vocalist Urges Concertgoers to Obey COVID-19 Safety Measures

It’s only a matter of time until more and more live concerts will become available to the public, but safety measures will still be a “must do”. It looks like not even metalheads are tough enough in the face of the pandemic, as the singer of the Lamb of God band, Randy Blythe, urges the fans to obey safety measures if they attend concerts.

Lamb of God prepares for the Metal Tour of the Year alongside Megadeth and other bands. speaks about how Randy Blythe is taking the COVID pandemic very seriously onstage and off, and how he urges others to do the same.

Blythe’s decision isn’t surprising at all, considering that the Delta variant of COVID is surging fast. Most of the coronavirus infections from the US are caused by the highly contagious strain that was discovered in India.

Vaccinations are still widely available

Since Randy Blythe says he’s not scared of vaccines for COVID, it’s good to know that getting one is still an option to consider. A lot more people can get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

Our World in Data brings some interesting info about how vaccinations went until now. While 32.4% of the population of the planet has received at least one of the COVID vaccination doses, 24.4% were fully vaccinated.

Furthermore, a total number of 4,93 billion vaccine doses were administered worldwide, while 34.25 million are currently administered every day.

The situation in low-income countries looks pretty bad, as only 1.4% of people living there have received at least a vaccine dose.
Iron Maiden’s frontman and legend Bruce Dickinson also tested positive for COVID recently despite the fact that he has been vaccinated. The coronavirus doesn’t care if someone is wealthy, poor, famous, or nonfamous – it can infect pretty much anyone.

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